Meet Piper Hall

Santa Ynez, CA

Santa Ynez, CA

Piper the Pilates Instructor
Piper the Pilates Instructor
Piper the Pilates Instructor


Full Body


I truly believe that Pilates is good for every BODY, and enhances any extra curricular activities outside of the studio. I have worked with many clients, rehabbing various injuries, but my favorite style of teaching is contemporary, athletic conditioning. I love clients leaving my sessions, feeling mentally and physically better than when they walked in. Sore buns, are happy buns.


Private Session, Duet Session, Group Reformer Classes

Why do you love Pilates?

Lean muscle, stretching while strengthening, and a good asskicking with some planks.

Why did you start?

Initially, it was part of a training program my equestrian riding instructor firmly believed in. I got fully addicted to Pilates less than a year later as I started to prioritize my health and fitness.


I was a competitive equestrian growing up, and started training for the junior Olympics at age 15. By the age of 17, I started working with a trainer who had won a silver medal at the Beijing Olympics. She was a full believer in the practice of Pilates. As you can imagine, a stable core, and full body strengthening, enhances the ability to ride a 1500 pound animal. Introducing Pilates into my training regimen, was one of the best decisions I ever made. I went on to win a silver medal for the United States at age 18.

  • Balanced Body Certified

  • Studied under Maria Leone at Bodyline Pilates in LA, and Nancy Meyers at EHS Pilates in SF.

  • Teaching Pilates to all walks of life, and all parts of the world for almost 7 years.


Maria Leone @ Bodyline LA / Sara Lewis @ XO Fitness LA

Outside of La Playa you can find me…

Enjoying long distance runs, and gravitating toward any warm beach environment. Sweat, salt, and sunshine are my three favorite things! Plus my amazing husband, and 2 very large lovable labradors.

Favorite things

Lunges, planks, oblique work, and actually enjoying an hour of pilates with me! I love building my clients confidence with not only different pieces of equipment, but in their own physical ability.